What length should I choose?

Pedal Python actual lengths are about 3-4 inches less than the size indicated on the package, to cover only the cable and not the jacks. If you wish to customize the length of your Pedal Python to a size in between the standard sizes we offer, purchase the next size larger than your cables. Then, simply trim it to your exact specs using scissors or a hot knife during the installation process! Detailed instructions are included in each package.

My Pedal Python™ is too short.

If you are wrapping more than three cables, slight reduction in length due to expansion is expected, usually a few inches. However, if your Pedal Python™ is SEVERAL FEET SHORTER, your Pedal Python™ may have folded inside itself. Does one end have rough fibers, but the other end is neatly folded over? If so, remove the Pedal Python™ and insert your cables again, paying special attention that the leading edge slides over the anchor straps.

What are your shipping times?

We offer 2 shipping options, Economy and Priority. Economy shipping typically leaves our facility within 48 hrs and uses USPS Ground Advantage shipping, typical transit time is 3-8 days depending on your address (USA addresses). Priority orders shipped using USPS Priority Mail and are typically out the door in 24 hours Mon-Sat and see transit times of 2-3 days. USPS Priority Mail Express will be out the door in 24 hours and has a transit time of 1 day (Continental USA orders). If your order is time-sensitive we highly recommend selecting Priority Shipping. EXTREMELY URGENT ORDERS we recommend contacting us directly via text or call at 217-741-2232 to insure timely delivery.

How do I change out a cable?

Pedal Python is secure, but still removable and re-useable. Simply tear off the velcro End Wraps, snip the zip ties (Extras included in each package, or use standard 4 inch zipties found at most hardware stores) and slip the Pedal Python off your bundle of cables, install the new cable in your bundle and slip the Pedal Python back over your cables, Add the new zip ties, snip, wrap the end wraps over the zip tie nub and you're ready for the show!

Can I wrap my AC power cable in my Pedal Python? What about noise?

Yes, you can. If you are using good-quality shielded instrument cables, you should not notice any additional hum or buzz compared with not bundling your power cord. We have performed several controlled A/B tests in a professional studio with no perceptible increase in noise. We even tried bundling a DC power supply next to the cables without any increase in noise. Most often, the main cause of buzz or hum is a poorly grounded power source or nearby electromagnetic interference.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We have satisfied customers across the globe from Canada, Mexico, the UK, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Chile, China, Singapore and so on! Shipping cost varies, but it's usually about $15.99. Your amount will be displayed when you enter your shipping address before checkout. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER. We use USPS and have had great results over the years. Shipping times can typically range from 1 week to 2 months (in extreme cases) depending on your country's customs procedures and postal service. If you have any problems with your delivery, contact us or respond via teh original order email and include your shipping order number and email address.

What if I want to have one cable come out of the bundle apart from the others?

Purchase an Extra End Wrap Kit, cut your Pedal Python™ at the breakout point and apply the end wraps at that point.

I'm a retailer. How can I sell Pedal Python™?

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