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We set out to develop the world's best guitar pedal board snake cable organization system for musicians. It had to be lightweight, flexible, sleek, customizable, durable, reusable, widely compatible, simple to use, require no special tools, and most of all, stay AFFORDABLE. 

After extensive real world testing and a whole bunch of feedback from touring musicians, we came up with the perfect cable management solution at the perfect price.  We're musicians, just like you. We know what it means to be in the spotlight. Every second counts. Every detail matters.

Made in USA

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Trim to fit


Easily customize Pedal Python to fit your exact specs.



Change out cables on the go with our revolutionary anchor system.

Conceal - Protect


Upgrade your stage appearance.

 Shield your vital connections from the rugged hazards of road and stage.

Wraps up to 7 cables!


Easily combine anywhere from 2-7 cables. Pedal Python expands with you!

Reduce changeover time


Get on and off stage FAST 

with our extra-long carrying strap.

Colors to match your style!


Show off your attitude with our custom colors! Lengths up to 50 feet, and beyond!

the PEDAL Python story

Kevin Wasmer (photo credit: Shane Bumgarner)

"Don't be trippin'!"

I'm Kevin Wasmer, founder, owner and inventor of Pedal Python™.

Back in 2010 as a guitar player in a fledgling rock band, I had a gloriously complicated pedalboard. It had 3 cables, but they were 30 feet long, and my band gigged a lot! 

After getting cursed out on more than one occasion for taking too long to set up, or to "Get off the damn stage already!!", tripping on my cords and losing a few expensive cables, I determined I was going to come up with a  way to get these cables in order or die trying.

First I tried electrical tape, that was a gooey mess. Next I tried using a mess of zip ties. After slicing my fingers open several times (OUCH) I realized this was a bad idea too. 

I went to music stores and found no cable organizers that worked with my cables. They were either bulky, ugly, or expensive. I even looked into getting all of my cables remade into what is known as "cable loom" or "cable snake". Those things are custom-made for professional musicians and can cost upwards of $300. No way José.

So in true rock and roll DIY spirit.... I made my own! I scoured the industrial market for the right types of material and invented a simple but effective system to hold it all in place no matter how many times I loaded and unloaded my gear. I also made it easy to take on and off, for those times I had to change out a bad cable. And that was very first version of what would become Pedal Python. Life was good. I even got off stage faster than the drummer! But something else happened. Every time we would do a show with other acts, the other guitar players kept asking me where they could buy this cool thing. I asked myself, is this something that people really want? So, I turned that question out to all my guitar player friends on a giant Facebook message thread with a picture of my "Pedal Python", asked them if they would want one and how much they'd pay. The results were eye-popping.

So, I sold one of my guitars, took the cash, bought a domain name and a bunch of product. Out of my basement, and with the help of a talented videographer and a nice lady I knew with an embroidering sewing machine, the first Pedal Python™ came to life.

Now, get off the stage! (Quickly, please.)

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