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25 Foot Long AC Power Cord for Pedalboard Power Supplies & Multi-Effects Pedals

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    Extra Long 25 foot length IEC AC Power Supply/Amp/Multi-Effects Pedal cable!

    Works with all power supplies and pedal effects units that accept standard "IEC" style AC input. Including:

    • CIOKS SOL,DC7,DC7+,DC10(New Style)*
    • Eventide PowerMAX V2
    • Fender Engine Room Series
    • Friedman Power Grid
    • Gator GTR-PWR-5/8/12
    • Headrush Prime
    • Kemper Profiler Stage
    • Line 6 HELIX (not HX Stomp)
    • Strymon Zuma
    • Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS6, CS7, CS12
    • T-Rex Fuel Tank Classic (not Junior)
    • T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon
    • VooDoo Labs Pedal Power
    • Walrus Audio Aetos
    • Walrus Audio Phoenix
    • ... And more! Not sure? Ask us!

    Say goodbye to the awkward "extension cord bump"! 

    Now your power supply cord can reach all the way to the wall outlet near your amp at the back of the stage! Get rid of that wonky extension cord bump between your power supply and wall power outlet! This 18 gauge cable is heavy duty. Rated to 1250 Watts. Plug directly into your isolated power supply for the cleanest connection between your board and the wall outlet! And YES, you can bundle this in your Pedal Python without added noise (when using shielded instrument cables).

    Why use AC powered supplies?

    Some pedalboard snakes other than Pedal Python™ try to run low voltage power over long distances. The pros know, running low voltage DC power like 9VDC over long cable distances can under-power your pedals and possibly blow your wall wart power supply! That's why isolated on-board power supplies are the way to go. But what typically comes with your expensive power supply? A measly 6 foot cable! Really? That's hardly long enough to reach the power outlet, that is... IF there's an outlet at the front of house (yeah right)! 25 feet will be long enough to reach to back to your amp area if you're using 20 foot cables. Plus, using an AC powered isolated supply means NO DANGLING WALL WARTS!

      We also offer a Super Long 35 foot version, CLICK HERE

      Not sure about compatibility? CONTACT US!

      *Note: Not compatible with OLDER CIOKS power supplies that use the "C5" or "Mickey Mouse Ears" type AC input connector. The newer models from about 2010-on now use the standard IEC connector used on our cable. Please check your power supply connector before ordering!