David G.

 After a month of using the pedal python I'm even more  blown away than before! I setting up so fast now,I'm not sure what to do  with the extra time I now have waiting for everyone else to set-up!

Like  I said in an earlier e-mail I'll be a customer for life! In the future  very pedalboard I build will have a pedal python, no questions asked!

After my results I just don't have the patience to go back to my old way of wiring things up!

Thanks again!

Christian Giroux

THANK YOU SO MUCH. These pedal pythons have blown away or expectations of both quality and design. We are very impressed. We are prepping for rehearsals so we are setting everything up tomorrow, but we will get pictures as soon as possible for you. Thank you so much! You rock. 

Christian Giroux

Bass for Kaylor Cox

Max Aaronson

This Pedal Python is the best piece of gear I have. Thank you so much for the awesome product! Will definitely choose you for future cable snakes! Here is my before and after

Tom MacDonald

You guys have changed the game! 

The pedal python is genius, I’ve recommended it to so many people! 

Jason Spencer (Wilson)

 "Organized, durable and reliable.  Running my cables has become the easiest part of set up."

 - Jason Spencer (Wilson) Pedal Python Endorser 

Chris (Seattle, WA)

 "I run a effects loop cable, a channel switch cable, the cable to the front of the amp, and a heavily shielded AC cable to power the board. The python saves me a ton of time in set-up, and it looks great as well."