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Before using Pedal Python™, these cables were a mess.

Can I bundle my AC power cable in the Pedal Python? Won't that cause noise?

YES !  If you are using high-quality shielded instrument cables, you should not notice any additional hum or buzz compared with not bundling your power cord. We have performed several controlled A/B tests in a studio with no perceptible increase in noise. We even tried bundling a DC power supply next to the cables without any increase in noise. The main cause of buzz or hum is a poorly grounded power source or nearby electrical interference. 

What if I want to have one cable come out of the bundle apart from the others?

Purchase an Extra End Wrap Kit, cut your Pedal Python™ at the breakout point and apply the end wraps at that point.

Is Pedal Python ™ Made in the USA?

YES! And we'll fight to keep it that way!

You use PayPal Checkout. Can I still pay with my credit/debit card?

 YES! After clicking "PayPal Checkout" go to the bottom and  click the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card"  button! You'll use the 

PayPal Guest Checkout. This secures your credit card info with PayPal to ensure security of your payment information. We proudly allow PayPal payments because our loyal customers have asked for it!


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