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The Rattler™ Retractable Wearable Rhythm Shaker

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    The Rattler™ IS HERE!

    The world's first and only wearable, retractable rhythm shaker for "Groove on the Go!"

    Handy and fun percussion you literally won't put down! Always at hand, never rolls away! Never fumble, drop or bend over for your rhythm shaker again! Done playing? JUST LET GO and it zips right back into the base. Tested and LOVED by teachers, guitarists, percussionists, singers, street performers, kids (6+), anyone looking for some groove on the go!! For extra flexibility, unsnap the tab and now you can attach your shaker to fingers, bracelets, mic stands - you decide! Wrap the straps snugly around your thumb or finger to gain speed and confidence during fast and furious shaking!

    Extends an amazing 3 Feet (36 inches), always returns smoothly and GENTLY to your belt/pocket/guitar strap/purse/backpack....anywhere you can clip it!

    How does it SOUND?? GREAT! We use the world's best LP® Brand shaker egg for unmatched sonic quality and attach the retainers at the shaker's midpoint for maximum tone!

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    Not recommended for ages 5 and under.

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