Pedal Python

Making Pedalboards Beautiful.

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Control and Protect

that jumble of cables strung across the stage from your amp to your pedalboard!

No More Tripping

Slip the Pedal Python™ over all your cables and you have a neat, durable PEDALBOARD SNAKE! Hide those tacky extension cords! Speed your set up time! Organize!

Fast, Easy Setup!

Pedal Python™ is TRIM-TO-FIT, installs as fast as a set of guitar strings, in about 15 minutes. Ultra-Lightweight. Hugs your cables like snakeskin. And best of all, it's REUSABLE time after time!

What Our Users Say:

"Organized, durable and reliable.  Running my cables has become the easiest part of set up."

- Jason Spencer (Wilson) Pedal Python Endorser

"Set up time minimized; tear down time minimized. True efficiency on stage!"

- Kyle Landry (Wilson) Pedal Python Endorser
"Thanks for this awesome product, it is a lifesaver when it comes to setting up and tearing down more quickly!"
- Sean (Round Rock, TX, USA)

"I run a effects loop cable, a channel switch cable, the cable to the front of the amp, and a heavily shielded AC cable to power the board. The python saves me a ton of time in set-up, and it looks great as well."

- Chris (Seattle, WA, USA)

"The Python works great! My setup & teardown times are cut in half now!"

- Bob Thompson (30AUT6), Pedal Python Endorser

"Just installed my pedal python! Thanks heaps, this should limit the amount of times a cameraman or stagehand trips over my cables."

- Ryan (Queensland, Australia)

"It works great! Just what I was looking for."

- Destin (Summertown, TN, USA)

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Latest News

  • Introducing new Cable Labels!
  • International Express Shipping is now available!
  • We have lowered the price of our Pedal Python kits by over 25%!! Now you can own a complete Pedal Python kit for as low as $17.99
  • Now in COLORS!!

This month's Pedal Python endorser is:
Shane Johnson, guitar tech for
Imagine Dragons